George McGovern, RIP

Senator McGovern passed away today.

He ran for President back in 1972, my first year in this country. I would have voted for him had I been able to vote. Only one state voted for him. I first heard of Massachusetts when I learned of the election results. “Must be a pretty special place”, I thought to myself.

6 years later, I was fortunate to receive a job offer from a school in Worcester, Massachusetts. It was like coming home.

Massachusetts is home to me not because of Harvard or MIT or anything else. It’s certainly not the weather that keeps me here. No, Massachusetts is home because it was the only state to vote for Senator McGovern back in 1972.

Senator McGovern, RIP. Thank you for helping me find my new home.


2 thoughts on “George McGovern, RIP

  1. Reading this took me back to the last days at IIT. McCarthy in ’68 and McGovern in ’72 made me look at the US of A in a less jaundiced way!

    Incidentally I went back to your earlier pieces and re read ‘Exploring one Inner Sanctum’. I found it as interesting as it did the first time round.

    Would recommend the following

    There is also a recent translation of Kabir by Arvind Mehrotatra. It is, I think, brilliant in its use of current idiom that allows you access in ways that earlier translations never did. The actual verses were lost to me forever after being fored to learn them as part of my language studies in school!

    • I had forgotten about McCarthy.

      He was from Minnesota, my second spiritual home. As with Massachusetts in 1972, Minnesota in 1980 distinguished itself by being the only state to not vote for Reagan.

      I’m glad to hear you found Exploring one’s inner sanctum interesting. Some part of my soul had gone into that piece (no pun intended).

      Thanks for the link to the aeon piece. Brilliant piece, I connected with it deeply.

      Keep in touch, NJ.

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